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Are you tired of chasing the brass ring, SUPER STARDOM, SUPER AGENT, and promises of doing 200, 300, 400 or more transaction per year?
Let's be honest - In just about every profession the ones that achieve the so-called super success, the pinnacle of their profession are extremely rare. Yes, most of us would like to achieve the lifestyle of the super achievers but the reality is that few of us will. Yet, we often buy into those promises and we are mostly disappointed at our results.

I've been there - I've bought into numerous programs over my thirty (plus) years in real estate searching for that "MAGIC PILL" or the "NEWEST" program that would propel me to the top of my game and make me a mega producer. Yes, a lot of them helped (some programs helped a little, some a lot) but I never achieved the "SUPER STARDOM" and the income that went with it. I would watch or listen to testimonials of agents who did achieve super stardom and would ask myself "why not me?" It took me a long time to realize that getting to that level was like trying to go to Las Vegas and coming home with more money than you left with... it doesn't happen very often or Las Vegas wouldn't exist. Oh, I've done VERY well by industry standards, I have always been in that top 4 or 5% of the industry and always in the top level for the franchise I work for BUT I just never was able to reach that super-stardom. It took me a long time to accept the fact that very few people reach that level of production and that I wasn't going to be one of them.

It's okay - I finally realized that what I wanted was also what the masses wanted. That was to be above average, well above average agent that's okay. In an industry where the so-called "average" agent does less than 10 transactions sides per year, my goal was to do four to five times that amount on  a consistent basis. Let's face it, in this industry, if you do 40-40 transactions per year you are well above average and you make a well above income. I also wanted to achieve a higher level of commission than the so-called industry averages. I consistently charge 7% commission, which I offer 3% to the selling broker. Please note, that I am in no way suggesting or establishing a commission structure. You may charge more or less as we all know, commissions are negotiable.

The Problem -  How do you CONSISTENTLY complete 40 to 50 transactions year in and year out, despite market conditions? Having been in this business for over thirty years, I’ve been through high interest rates, low interest rates, recessions, buyer’s markets, sellers markets, and neutral markets. Each market has it’s own challenges and opportunities but the question still remained: “How do I consistently do 40-50 transactions per year, year in and year out through all types of markets?”

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