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  Are you tired of chasing the brass ring, SUPER STARDOM, SUPER AGENT, and promises of doing 200, 300, 400 or more transaction per year?

The Solution - I realized that contrary to many of the real estate gurus there was no quick solution. Yes, once in a while there were the rare super stars who achieved phenomenal success in relatively short periods of time but once again, these are the exceptions rather than the rule. We had just moved into a sub-division of approximately 650 homes and there was no dominate real estate agent servicing the residents. I had an epiphany. What better place to start a farm area than in my own back yard. We had moved to this subdivision from a neighboring community and didn’t know a soul. I researched everything I could on real estate farming and found that most of the information was so old and so out of date. I designed a SYSTEM for REAL ESTATE Farming for the new millennium.  A system that embraces technology, resources and people with the added benefit of the personal touch.

 The Results - The numbers: Over 200 transaction sides representing over $25,400,000 in volume and over $1,130,000 in commission income and a 40% plus market share all from working out of my back yard! I consistently average over a six-figure income from just from my farm area alone.

 The Benefits - Where do you start? There are so so many benefits (not listed in order of importance and certainly not a compete list-you may discover your own benefits)

  • Cost of new clients. It cost a LOT less becoming the neighborhood expert that to continually prospect for new business.
  • The clients that I work with often refer me to other customers in other areas.
  • They also move in and out of the neighborhood resulting in more transactions in more areas.
  • Prestige…. it’s great to have earned the respect and reputation as the ONLY one to call if you’re thinking of buying or selling in the neighborhood.
  • With the high price of gas and so many other rising expenses, I don’t have to travel very far to do business therefore; I spend MUCH less than my competitors resulting in MORE money in my bank account.
  • Time- I don’t have to travel all over town to do business.
  • Less competition - once you’ve established yourself and you ARE the DOMINANT agent your credibility and track record eliminates the competition.
  • Consistency- knowing how many homes that selling my area each year and knowing that I have more than 40% of the market, I know what my income will be from year to year.
  • Creditability - Once you become the neighborhood expert, you get the “come list me calls” whereby there is no competition. Sellers don’t even think to call anyone else.
  • Money - I make more per transaction. As recognized as the expert, I charge more. Just as a medical specialist charges more than a general practitioner, so do I as the “resident” specialist.
  • Work Less - Because I’ve become the neighborhood specialist, I don’t have to work as hard as many agents do that are always chasing “new” prospects.
  • Low Maintenance - Once your farm area is established, there is minimal time maintaining it and more time to enjoy the fruits of your harvest.

If you’re serious about this business and if you’re committed, my Learn2Farm System will give you a long-term edge over the competition. It will also give you long-term success with well above average income. Yes, you can try to reach for the brass ring and super stardom (and a few-very few will make it) or you can try my Learn2Farm System and get started on a rewarding real estate career that will still put you at the top of this profession. You can become a SUPER STAR in your own farm area.

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